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Date and time is TBD



Mid-Day Empower Webinar

An hour of enlightening presentation on the topics that delve into matters related to interdisciplinary forensic practice.

Mid-Day Empower Webinar
Mid-Day Empower Webinar

Time & Location

Date and time is TBD



About the event

Webinar Title: The Emergence of Generalist Forensic Social Work Practice in Canada: Strengthening Collaborations in Legal Aid Services and Law Offices

Presenter: Shawna Paris-Hoyte, ONS, KC, MSW, RSW, BCCH

Virtual Location: Zoom Events

Registration:  Free

This webinar presentation will meticulously examine the evolution of generalist forensic social work in the Canadian context, considering the factors contributing to its growth and recognition within the profession. A comprehensive analysis of the diverse roles undertaken by generalist forensic social workers within the legal system will be presented, underscoring the vital contributions in advocating for vulnerable populations in addressing psychosocial complexities in legal cases.

Drawing attention to the potential for effective collaboration, the presentation will delve into how the generalist forensic social worker and legal professional(s) can work synergistically within law offices to enhance the quality of legal outcomes and ensure the holistic representation of clients. This collaboration emphasizes the need for seamless communication, mutual understanding, and integration of social work ethics and principles into the legal practice for

comprehensive client support.

Ethical considerations will be at the core of the presentation, emphasizing the importance of upholding professional values and principles in collaborative engagements. The significance of maintaining client confidentiality, informed consent, and unbiased testimony will be stressed, demonstrating the ethical framework guiding generalist forensic social work practice. Furthermore, the presentation will explore various models of practice that navigate competing

interests, ensuring equitable and just resolutions while adhering to ethical standards. Real-life examples will be discussed to illustrate successful collaborations in law offices and showcase the positive impact on diverse populations involved in the legal system in Canada. An opportunity will be provided for participants to engage in a question-and-answer session at the end of the presentation.

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